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Established 1992


Business Bank, Banking Mortgage, Director's Personal Guarantee Dispute?


Business Bank, banking mortgage dispute? Director's Personal Guarantee/guarantee/indemnity issue/problem/dispute? You now require urgent personal guarantee debt or business banking dispute assistance? Worried about your bank's threats against your home? Bank demanding payment of your director's personal guarantee or threatening legal action and a charge over your home? Bank requesting you complete 'personal financial/assets and liabilities' following a personal guarantee (PG) debt claim - don't know what to do? have questions?


Drop IBAS  an email and we will explain what can be done.



The Bank’s Final letter for your business banking dispute complaint & business complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

It is a fact that all banks spend considerable time and effort 'drafting' their Final response letter to the customer on complaints because they know that their Final Response letter is designed to persuade the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to their position. By that time the bank’s customer services/complaints department will have already extracted all your information from you for their benefit by questioning you and then they will have dismissed your complaint/s.

Bank Final response letters are drafted and written by legally trained bank staff who are communicating with the FOS daily and are therefore completely aware of FOS decision making.

The Financial Ombudsman Service staff are aware that bank Final response letters are prepared by legally trained bank staff and the bank’s Final response letter will influence the FOS ‘investigator’.

Bank customers may believe their business banking dispute complaint/s will get a fair hearing by the FOS and from reading the FOS website may also be misled into believing that it is ‘easy’ to make a business banking complaint through the FOS.

However, banks possess very distinct advantages, which include legal knowledge, long experience of ‘complaint casework’ and know what is effective (for the bank). Banks also know how the FOS 'thinks' as they communicate regularly with the FOS by telephone.

The Financial Ombudsman Service do not calculate bank accounts to provide an independent calculation where they are required. The Financial Ombudsman Service will rely on bank methodology and bank calculations when dealing with a business banking account dispute.

The bank's Final letter allows you 6 months to make a complaint to the FOS.


see very poor 2019 - Trust Pilot Reviews for Financial Ombudsman Service


What will the Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) provide you for your business banking dispute complaint which the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) will not?

IBAS will carry out fully independent investigations of business bank accounts based on the customers complaint and will provide fully independent calculations with a report which can then be relied upon to evidence incorrect charging, bank errors and overcharging.

Historical banking account errors/bank charging mistakes and bank overcharging claims evidenced by IBAS account investigations and calculations enable effective business banking account complaint progression. IBAS has been calculating business bank account and overcharging complaints since the mid 1990's

IBAS account investigations enhance the customer's complaint with substance to evidence bank charging errors to the customers advantage.

IBAS will investigate business banking disputes which IBAS 'take on' and progress for the customer.

IBAS reports can then be relied upon for any business banking dispute which IBAS has accepted.

IBAS investigate Director’s Bank Personal Guarantee dispute complaints and assess all other security documents held by the bank for lending purposes to establish the facts and historical positions. Specific advice on business banking account/s disputes and further actions required are provided by IBAS once our investigations conclude.

Information from those we have assisted since 1992 show that other ‘advisors’, solicitors & also the FOS carried out very limited or basic ‘checks’ on business banking complaints. Basic ‘checks’ cannot identify customer defences, allow debt reduction or eliminate a debt being claimed.

It’s clear that ‘other advisors’ provide advice and ‘outcomes’ without necessary facts. That disadvantages or destroys the customer’s ‘case’. IBAS has a long established standard practice for investigating bank customer’s business banking account disputes in depthother ‘advisors’ do not do so.

Email IBAS




IBAS has 27 years of continuous business banking dispute investigations and negotiations experience with all major UK lenders and we provide professional, confidential guidance and direct assistance to directors and proprietors who initially email us their business banking dispute/s information.

IBAS has acquired specialist business banking knowledge from the many IBAS investigations of UK business banking account disputes since 1992. Our investigations have provided us with experience and depth of knowledge which no other organization 'acting' for business banking customers can match.

IBAS business banking account investigations experience, our expertise in analysis of business bank loans, business bank current accounts, business banking contracts, business banking account facilities plus our knowledge of business banking debt recovery strategy - has provided us with expertise in utilizing our specialist banking knowledge. That is often the key to our members success and instrumental in almost miraculous settlements for IBAS members.

There is no other non - profit UK organization providing independent and specialist individual business banking advice and specific assistance to members.


IBAS was the first in this field and remain the best.


IBAS website was launched in 1998 to help UK businesses with banking disputes.


BBC Testimonial for IBAS at: Your Money Not a moving account  


IBAS has featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV News, Meridian TV and Sky TV News since 1992 and also contributed banking editorials and business banking articles for the Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph and Daily Mirror.



The questions and the personal worries you will have from receiving a business banking debt claim demand are well known to our specialist team and that's why they advise on such matters. They will help you focus on what can now be done.

We know that communicating with someone who fully understands what you are going through is your first step to getting a good night's sleep. But, communicating with someone who has dealt with a great many cases like yours is even better so don't waste time putting off dealing with it - act now - email IBAS from the link below and tell us about your demand.


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Bank Business Support Units, Specialized Lending, Strategic Business Services or Specialist Relationship Managers are all terms used by the banks or used by banks to 'rip off' businesses by forcing or 'triggering defaults' - which have forced businesses into insolvency situations where the banks have plundered the businesses cash flow and assets.

If your business has been or was forced into Lloyds Bank Business Support Unit, Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest bank/RBS Global Restructuring Group (GRG) unit or HSBC Specialized Lending Unit or Clydesdales Strategic Business Services Unit - IBAS know how they operate and how false defaults are engineered - lawyers do not have that specific experience or IBAS knowledge from such cases. It is also now documented that Mandatory referrals and transfers to such units were required by those banks and that any 'breakdown' of the customer relationship (whether engineered by the bank or not) was used to refer businesses to such units and that even the questioning of bank charging by the business was enough to 'trigger' the bank moving that business to what are effectively 'debt recovery units' and building up penalty fees and charging rates to drive up the debt then being claimed - so contact IBAS with your case details and let us know whether your company is still trading - or been forced into insolvency by the bank.


IBAS provides experienced specialist and practical advice on how best to deal with and control the bank’s ‘collection’ activities after demand of the debt has been made. What can you do and how best to do it? Sleepless nights, worrying about the what if's - worrying about your family - how will you cope? Can you 'get out of it in any way' - is it possible to do so? Can you dilute the bank’s debt demand?

The questions and the personal worries you may have from receiving a banking debt claim are well known to our specialist team and that's why they advise on such matters.


'I found IBAS to be Impressive & professional with no nonsense. I followed IBAS strategy totally and the result was spectacular. Thanks for putting my life back on track and saving me a bucket load of money - I cannot thank you enough. I would now start with IBAS and ignore all the others who are 'selling' an imitation of these guys but without IBAS knowledge! - AT November 2016


IBAS aim to provide good specialist advice and resolution if IBAS is involved immediately after demand for payment by a bank and our aim is to gain all information which we know is necessary to assess legal arguments - against existing case law. IBAS lay the 'groundwork' for successful defences or banking claims by first preserving any defence which then exist (and yes, we have assisted in many cases which have been won by our members after litigation in the County Court, High Court and the Court of Appeal).

‘We were very grateful for your assistance at a very difficult time for us. You provided good and timely advice and it was useful to have an independent perspective on the case. You also acted as a buffer between ourselves and the bank which perhaps moderated their dealings with us and bought us some time in which to organise our settlement. You were also good value. We still believe that the bank behaved badly but unfortunately that seems to be the way of the world today. Thank you for your help.’ From SAC January 2013

I understand that so many cases are lost before they start because under threats from the bank the customer provides an offer of payment - without nderstanding there may be a defence to the bank's claim. Having been induced to make that offer, the bank then goes for the jugular. Apparently I am one of a very small band of successful litigants, which I wouldn’t have been without IBAS behind me. - DeeJay  

IBAS is totally independent and our experience is gained from our ‘case work’ on numerous business banking specialist investigations across all UK industries. IBAS research on Bank overdrafts and business banking account charging allows IBAS to challenge banks hard on their actions and performance and allows strong banking negotiating positions.

IBAS provides unique specialist, confidential, professional business banking guidance with direct assistance and without conflicts of interest.

Bank Complaints, Defaults, Payment demanded or Demand for payment, Debt Judgment, Interim Charging Order, Charging Order absolute, Order for Sale obtained or threatened - each part of the banking process in chasing payment on a secured debt adds considerable additional cost and interest. Those extra costs are added to the original debt being claimed.

We know that communicating with someone who fully understands what you are going through and also communicating with someone who has dealt with a great many cases like yours is your first step to getting a good night's sleep. So, don't waste time putting off dealing with it - act now - email IBAS from the link below and tell us about your business banking issue or dispute.


email IBAS


Last modified: 24th January 2020