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Business Banking help - Small Business Banking help

Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) - launched in 1992 as a specialist unincorporated business banking membership organization assisting bank customers with UK business banking account loan disputes and business banking debt disputes with their bank. Our analysis and investigation of business bank loans, bank accounts, banking contracts, business banking account facilities and banking debt recovery information has been instrumental in our member's success.

Commercial Property Mortgages - IBAS has seen commercial property mortgages during the last year where the bank has incorrectly charged interest and also incorrect margins as far back as 2005 up to date. That can also mean the bank has involved their 'Specialist' bank department who have inflicted Excess and Penalty interest on Commercial Property Mortgages where they should not have done so - reducing company profits and opportunity. This is not just one bank. The amounts are considerable. The results of such bank conduct if left unchecked or unidentified where the company trading is already reduced or is under pressure will inevitably create a default. That in the circumstances outlined would represent a 'False default' which is 'created' by the bank. That creates an insolvency situation where the bank's conduct can go entirely unnoticed despite property and assets being devalued and then 'lost' by the business. At that stage, Director's personal guarantees to the bank will also be 'called upon'. The FOS only deal with smaller company matters. Therefore, if your business has any doubt/s regarding a commercial property mortgage, it's term, payments made or the bank interest that has been taken or charged contact IBAS now with your details to make certain that your position and your company position is properly protected and also documented.

IBAS is now in it's 25th year helping/guiding those with UK Business Banking disputes and Director's Personal Guarantee business debt claims - IBAS is the only UK non profit organization which provides business banking customers with specialist business banking assistance and specialist business banking guidance and also IBAS specialist business banking investigations.

IBAS business banking dispute negotiating experience and proven strategy provides claims and defences for business bank customers. IBAS has excellent banking investigation reputation and has also featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV, Meridian and Sky News and in Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Mirror editorials evidenced in IBAS News Archive.

Beyond the bank's Letter of Concern? - are you now personally in debt or liable for a debt claim from a limited company guarantee you provided whilst a director? Do you know what options you may have? Can you protect your home froma bank's claim? All bank demands are a direct threat to personally if you signed a personal guarantee whilst a Director in a limited company or partner in a partnership. A demand on you personally (if not dealt with correctly) may mean that your personal assets are now at much greater risk from the business or limited company debt.

If you are seeking to 'control' your own position and your future but have just received a debt claim for a limited company guarantee debt on a director's personal guarantee - we can help you. As one of our members stated:

" I discovered IBAS via a Google search for “personal guarantee advice”. Until this point I didn’t know that such an organization existed. At the same time I had also started talking to a number of solicitors about my position. The reason that I put my faith in IBAS was that it was clear they had extensive knowledge about PG’s. It seems to be a very specific area of law and whilst the solicitors were very gung ho it was clear they did not have as much specific expertise as IBAS. Since taking on my case IBAS have provided detailed, accurate and realistic advice. They are comfortable handling the various tactics deployed by the banks and provide strength and support during what can become a very stressful situation. I would probably have caved in or lost had IBAS not been handling my case." - MJ

IBAS provides specific advice for how Personal Guarantees can be reduced, settled and/or eliminated. Unless your personal guarantee/s are properly 'settled' the bank will enforce on those as and when they require to do so with all costs of their enforcement fully covered within the personal guarantee terms.

The UK’s new breed of digital challenger banks: Atom, Mondo, Starling and Tandem – Ranked - With licensing restrictions coming down and the fintech startup scene in London booming, a new breed of digital-first, mobile-only banks are starting to get traction in the UK, but who will come out on top: Atom, Mondo, Tandem or Starling. - By Scott Carey - Feb 23rd 2016 Techworld

IBAS Comment: The established banks 'ripped off' their customers and enjoyed a profit feeding frenzy for many years - now they face retribution, restitution and reorganization as their competitors in every type of banking situation prepare better, quicker, cheaper products and services to take customers from them.

How to leave your bank... in 60 secs - Bank customers could save an average of £70 a year by switching their current accounts to another provider, regulator the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has found. - BBC News 22nd October 2015

Q&A: Switching bank accounts A survey for Santander found that 20% of those questioned would rather go to the dentist than switch their bank accounts. But in September 2013, the process of switching became a lot less painful. - BBC News 11th September 2014

Britain's first new High Street bank for over 100 years - Metro Bank's most recent results for the three months to the end of September, show deposits at the bank grew 87% year-on-year to total £4.4bn, with customer accounts now at 601,000 but the cost of expanding mean it has yet to make a profit. The departure of co-founder Anthony Thomson, who left in 2014 to set up online-only bank Atom Bank, reinforces Shore Capital analyst Gary Greenwood scepticism over the durability of the business model."It's a bit like designing the best steam engine around when everyone else is moving to fuel or electric," he says - 4th January 2016 BBC Business

Bank accounts: Best banks for customer satisfaction - Which say that: Customer scores are based on a survey of an online panel of respondents from the general public, who were invited to take part in the bank account customer satisfaction survey - during August 2015. The final sample size was 6,299. Overall customer scores are worked out using a combination of overall satisfaction and how likely the respondents are to recommend their bank to a friend. Companies need at least 30 responses to be given a rating.” - Which? Research

IBAS is researching new banks and lenders for our members. More choice for small businesses appears to be on offer or will soon be coming for small businesses. We will keep our members posted as we research what is becoming available. If you are tempted to apply for an EFG to fund your business see our page on SFLG & EFGs before you sign into an agreement.