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Established in 1992


Business Banking, SME Business Banking, Rescue & Turnaround


Small Business owners provide banks with very sensitive business financial information. That information is provided whilst 'trusting' the bank will work with them. Business owners always hope that the bank will understand their position and support them. Unfortunately, reality is very different. Banks are neither trustworthy nor honourable. Their interests pften conflicts with yours. Internal notes are made of all conversations by banks and often 'snippets' of prior telephone calls are 'used' later to support the bank's position. IBAS see the result of such conversations being used in bank 'Letters of Concern' as the bank sets new 'hurdles' for the business to jump and new charges and fees with which to 'control' your business.

As one of our members stated: " I discovered IBAS via a Google search for “personal guarantee advice”. Until this point I didn’t know that such an organization existed. At the same time I had also started talking to a number of solicitors about my position. The reason that I put my faith in IBAS was that it was clear they had extensive knowledge about PG’s. It seems to be a very specific area of law and whilst the solicitors were very gung ho it was clear they did not have as much specific expertise as IBAS. Since taking on my case IBAS have provided detailed, accurate and realistic advice. They are comfortable handling the various tactics deployed by the banks and provide strength and support during what can become a very stressful situation. I would probably have caved in or lost had IBAS not been handling my case." - MJ

Sunday Times – Business – How to keep out of trouble with banks – Pressure groups are calling for tougher measures against banks, saying sharp practice, high charges and inflexibility are still hurting small firms. When C V opened the letter from his bank telling him that a decade after his family business had collapsed. NatWest suggested he sell his home to repay his debt, he says it was like a “hammer – blow”. “The case of the V's family – shows how easily a bank can enforce a signed agreement,” says Eddy Weatherill from the Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS), which helps people who run into trouble with banks. “Never trust the phrase, ‘this is just a formality’, or ‘we can change this later’ when signing a document. Get all the facts on the worst case scenario and don’t be rushed into signing something.” Weatherill says: “Banks do lie and cheat.” - Result on this case? IBAS were able to negotiate a favourable settlement for Mr & Mrs V.

Sunday Times Small Business - Banks profit at expense of small firms – The big four have been criticised for taking advantage of inexperienced owner-managers. Eddy Weatherill of Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) says: “Small businesses are an attractive target because they have high security, liquid assets and are here rather than thousands of miles away.” - “Ask yourself just how solvent you are if the bank demands its cash within hours - because nobody is immune.”

We believe IBAS is the most economic, professional, confidential guidance and direct assistance organisation available for UK Business banking problems and disputes, up to and including litigation. IBAS has always provided FREE feedback and guidance to those who email us with case information.

IBAS experience has proved to be the deciding factor in effective and sometimes almost miraculous settlements for business banking customers.

IBAS has specialist knowledge from IBAS investigations into UK business banking account disputes since 1992 - no other organization has IBAS experience or IBAS knowledge, which provides IBAS with 'extra' width of knowledge for our investigations to produce the best results - that provides you with extra 'options' for your bank director's personal guarantee debt claim demand or claim on your company for business banking debt.

If your business has been or was forced into Lloyds Bank Business Support Unit, Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest bank/RBS Global Restructuring Group (GRG) unit or HSBC Specialized Lending Unit - we know how they operate and how false defaults are engineered - lawyers do not have that specific experience or IBAS knowledge from such cases. It is also now documented that Mandatory referrals and transfers to such units were required by those banks and that any 'breakdown' of the customer relationship (whether engineered by the bank or not) was used to refer businesses to such units and that even the questioning of bank charging by the business was enough to 'trigger' the bank moving that business to what are effectively 'debt recovery units' and building up penalty fees and charging rates to drive up the debt then being claimed - so contact IBAS with your case details and let us know whether your company is still trading - or been forced into insolvency by the bank.

Business Support Units, Specialized Lending or Specialist Relationship Managers are all terms used by the banks for those brought in to 'rip off' businesses by forcing or 'triggering defaults' - which forced businesses into insolvency situations where the bank could then plunder the cash flow and assets.


Personal Guarantees on Bank Business Debts or business banking debts or disputes for Limited Companies allow the bank to claim a debt is owed personally by the personal guarantor if the business fails or the Limited company cannot pay the debts claimed on the bank's demand. It is not enough for a personal guarantor to resign from the company and even if a company director resigns that may not protect them from a bank claim on their personal guarantee for debts owed by the business whilst they were directors or partners. If you need to have a release/discharge/end/finalize or 'determine' a personal guarantee you will require specific advice to make sure the Personal Guarantee is no longer 'relied upon' by the bank.

We can act quickly to advise and protect you if you are facing liquidation, receivership and being threatened by bank business debt claims or Director's Personal Guarantee Debt Claims from company debts.


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Commercial Property Mortgages - IBAS has seen commercial property mortgages during the last year where the bank has incorrectly charged interest and also incorrect margins as far back as 2005 up to date. That can also mean the bank has involved their 'Specialist' bank department who have inflicted Excess and Penalty interest on Commercial Property Mortgages where they should not have done so - reducing company profits and opportunity. This is not just one bank. The amounts are considerable. The results of such bank conduct if left unchecked or unidentified where the company trading is already reduced or is under pressure will inevitably create a default. That in the circumstances outlined would represent a 'False default' which is 'created' by the bank. That creates an insolvency situation where the bank's conduct can go entirely unnoticed despite property and assets being devalued and then 'lost' by the business. At that stage, Director's personal guarantees to the bank will also be 'called upon'. The FOS only deal with smaller company matters. Therefore, if your business has any doubt/s regarding a commercial property mortgage, it's term, payments made or the bank interest that has been taken or charged.

IBAS has carried out 'in depth' business banking case investigations which have been specific to the causes of individual business failures. The tactics and knowledge gained from those business banking cases across all UK banks is used in our business banking 'case work' today for you. We know exactly what banks do and exactly how they think. When banks examine lending portfolios, they 'weed out' Businesses they consider 'risky' to seek maximum return and minimum exposure whilst charging heavier fees and higher interest on UK businesses. That is now a normality. Banks such as Royal Bank of Scotland's Global Restructuring Group and other bank 'specialized lending' departments demand higher or maximum security whilst 'exiting' those businesses.

IBAS specialist investigation of the charging structure against the banking contracts is essential if the business is to recover fully what has already been taken or lost to the bank. If the bank has intimated placing an account into 'recovery' or a 'specialized relationship unit' an IBAS investigation may also provide 'negotiation' ammunition to protect your business.

When a business fails, debts for limited company guarantee/s or Director's personal guarantees and other security and mortgage charges will be called on by the bank for payment - often the family home is at risk from the Bank's debt payment demand because A personal guarantee is an agreement made between an individual or individuals which means that if they act as a business director they then take a level of responsibility for their company's debts in the event that they cannot be paid back by the business or company itself. If a claim is made under the personal guarantee, the director will be liable to pay the company's or businesses debt and the partner, proprietor or company directors' personal assets may be at risk as they become liable for the relevant business debt that is covered by the guarantee.

If you are seeking to 'control' your own position and your future but just received a debt claim for a limited company or a director's personal guarantee debt claim demand from the bank for your director's personal guarantee - IBAS can help you.

IBAS business banking dispute negotiating experience and proven strategy provides claims and defences for business bank customers. IBAS has featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV, Meridian and Sky News and in Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph and Daily Mirror editorials.

Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) - launched in 1992 as a specialist unincorporated business banking membership organization assisting bank customers with UK business banking account loan disputes and business banking debt disputes with their bank. Our analysis and investigation of business bank loans, bank accounts, banking contracts, business banking account facilities and banking debt recovery information has been instrumental in our member's success.


Last modified: 17th March 2019