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Independent Banking Advisory Service 

Established in 1992



IBAS News Archives 1998 to 2001


Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) - launched in 1992 as a specialist unincorporated business banking membership organization assisting bank customers with UK business banking account loan disputes and business banking debt disputes with their bank. Our analysis and investigation of business bank loans, bank accounts, banking contracts, business banking account facilities and banking debt recovery information has been instrumental in our member's success.

IBAS is now in it's 26th year helping/guiding those with UK Business Banking disputes and Director's Personal Guarantee business debt claims - IBAS is the only UK non profit organization which provides business banking customers with specialist business banking assistance and specialist business banking guidance and also IBAS specialist business banking investigations.

IBAS business banking dispute negotiating experience and proven strategy provides claims and defences for business bank customers. IBAS has excellent banking investigation reputation and has also featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV, Meridian and Sky News and in Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Mirror editorials.

Please note: We remove editorial links once we are aware they have ceased to work - but we have a great many links over a number of years. We would be grateful if you would email us any editorial links found to be inactive - so that we may remove them. We apologize if you cannot immediately access the specific editorial 'piece' once a link is removed - but we will continue to show the headline and date the article was published. From that information the publication concerned may provide an archived link which can be accessed.

News 2001

Danger of securing loans on your home - The Sunday Times: Business 19/08/01

Back to the bad old days - The Times 26/07/01

Scared to debt. Expert help ended repo anguish - The Mirror 18/07/01

Barclays the best? Give us some credit - Daily Express 04/06/01

When bigger rarely means better - article written by IBAS Chief executive Eddy Weatherill - Daily Express 26/04/01

Report on Competition Commission Open Meeting - IBAS receive support of the Consumer Association in opposing the proposed Lloyds TSB merger - Daily Telegraph 30/03/01

Fat cat banks may face windfall tax - The Mirror - 22/03/01 (A windfall tax was suggested by IBAS in early 2000 - see Daily Mail 12/02/00, Express 12/02/00, FT Money 22/2/00 & 30/02/00)

Banks use dirty tricks to frustrate defectors - Sunday Times Business - 11/03.01

The banks who've made £2.2bn from us - Daily Express 28/02/01

Customer anger as biggest bank profits hit £6.7bn - Daily Mail 27/02/01

The bank ploy that rakes in £70m a day - Daily Mail 12/01/01

Sheer greed - Daily Express 9/02/01

A nice little earner - Daily Mail 6/02/01

Is the watchdog being fair to you? - Money Mail 31/01/2001

Greedy Banks £20bn Profit - Sunday Express 28/01/2001

The banks who won't let go - Daily Express 6/01/2001

News 2000
IBAS comment and information was included in the following news articles during 2000:-

The banks who've made £2.2bn from us this year - Daily Express 29/12/00

£40m rip-off on the internet - Daily Express 21/11/00

Barclays launch Phoenix to improve their image - Sunday Times 1/10/00

The £100,000 bank blow - on eve of judgment, bank seek £100,000 costs on account. "This bill would wipe us out and seems designed to prevent us from taking any further action against the bank". Express 29/09/00
£88,000 - Our victory for Mortgage Shortfall Debtor - IBAS settle debt for just £1,000 - Mirror 27/09/00

Queuing at the complaints counter - New Statesman   18/09/00

Banks claw back millions from own staff's pensions - "They seem to be above the law in almost every way"  Express 04/09/00

Bank manager wins £100,000 compensation - "This sort of case will happen more and more" Express 10/08/00

Watchdog to smash rip-off bank cartel - "Competition has been virtually non-existent" - Daily Mail 5/8/00

Bank feed on inertia - "Banks have taken the opportunity to make money while the Government has not brought in regulation" - FTyourmoney 4/8/00

Secret rules that let banks sneak in new cash charges - the ‘worrying’ rule amendments are designed to be introduced once the ‘heat is off’ - Express 1/8/00

Bank claim couple cry foul over court hearing - Since publishing the Weatherills story last month, The Times has been contacted by numerous small-business owners claming they have been unfairly treated by their banks (Times comment) - Times 31/7/00 (In business supplement)

Judge in Lloyds TSB case sells ‘embarrassing’ shares "I am sorry. It is my own fault for not checking before the case started" (Mr Justice Wright) - Guardian 27/7/00 (also Times, FT and Express)
£1m claim by couple over bank fraud - Telegraph 5/7/00 (also Mirror)  
Test case to open floodgates - Express 4/7/00
David and Goliath battle that is making the banks nervous - Express 4/7/00 (also 6/7/00)
Big banks cave in on cash-point charges - "people were furious at the thought of having to pay to withdraw their own money" - Sun 4/7/00
Film to be made of legal Battle - Town Crier 29/6/00 (also Hunts Post)
Business Couple’s tale to hit the big screen - Times 26/6/00 (In business supplement and main paper)
Savers losing billions - "Banks disguise the real value of products and confuse customers" - FTyourmoney - 26/6/00
First book success - Cambridge Evening News - 26/6/00
Nat West ditches plans to charge rival customers - "The banks are finally having to bow to consumer will" - Daily Mail - 16/06/00
Beware of bank blunders plundering your profits - "The banks are overcharging in so many different ways - The Times - 10/06/00
Relief for thousands in home loan 'sting' - "This deal is scandalously inadequate" - Daily Mail - 07/06/00.  Further articles - Daily Mail 02/06/00 (fears for women at cash-points) and 09/06/00 (Launch of new Abbey National 'Cahoot' service)
Halifax abandons cash machine charges - "I am pleased that any bank should break ranks in this way" - Daily Mail - 24/5/00 - also Daily Express
Banks ignore overcharged customers - "The banks rule this Country, not the Treasury. The Government seems powerless" - Sunday Times 21/5/00
Scared Barclays boss hires guards - £16,000 a year to protect banks new chief executive. - Daily Express - 08/05/00
Ousted Nat West boss walks away with £3m - The bank's directors obviously considered him a liability - but £3m seems a pretty high price for getting rid of a failed chief executive" - Daily Mail - 04/05/00
Greedy beyond belief - Huge profits at Barclays  "While services are going down, their profits are up, up and up" - Daily Express 6/04/00 - also Daily Mail - 19/4/00
Money Advice - IBAS guidelines on borrowing from your bank - Daily Mirror - 05/04/00
Campaign for a £10bn windfall tax on the bank - "customers are unprotected - opens the way for a windfall tax, if not in the budget, then afterwards". - FT Your money - 20/03/00
Cashback rush to defy banks - "Customers are determined to get their revenge for the sheer greed of the banks"
Sunday People - 05/03/00
Watchdog puts banks on the spot - Small firms still receive poor service "Transparency of charges has always been a problem" - Financial Mail on Sunday - 05/03/00
Greedy Greedy Greedy - Cash-point Rip-offs "This proves banks are only in it for the money"
Daily Express 1/03/00 (also Daily Mail and Sun)
Scandal of bank charge rip-off - "Any extra costs will exclude more and more customers from banking. This is something this government does not want to see happen" - Daily Express - 25/02/00
Report spurs call for bank tax - "Windfall tax would penalise the bank and put the money into the public purse"
FT Money - 22/02/00
Revealed, true extent of greed at Barclays - "Charging fees is a very good and highly profitable area for them"
Daily Express - 21/02/00
Why you'll pay for 21,000 jobs axed by banks - "For the past 10 years banks have ripped off the customers as they have searched from profits and purged costs." - "These greedy banks should be hit by a windfall tax in a bid to repay the money they have obtained from their customers over the years" - Daily Express - 12/02/00
Nat West runs up white flag - "There are already relatively few banks that operate small business services, and Nat West and RBS merging would give the banks even greater control." - The Guardian -12/02/00
21,000 bank workers face the axe - the same day Lloyds bank announce £3.2bn profits - IBAS calls on Government to force the industry to "pay back some of their profits through a windfall tax" - Daily Mail - 12/02/00
Nat West loses, but who wins ? - "We are seeing the death throes of the banking system as we once knew it"
FT Money - 11/02/00
Bank launches counter-attack - Woolwich plans to end free banking are "quite outrageous - the will hit elderly and the hard-up" - FT Money - 2/02/00
What can On-line Banking Do For You ? - "The problem with most banks is that the costs are still high. Banks see the internet as something they can exploit, but are not ready to commit to it by cutting charges to the customers".
Working from Home Magazine - February 2000
Now you'll be charged if you pay money in - "This charge structure will penalise the poor" - Daily Express 31/01/00
Don't get mad - get busy - Fight financial injustice by starting your own campaign - The hard work and long hours can pay off - Observer - 30/01/00
Victory in our campaign on rip-off banks - "The bottom line is that customers should not have to pay to access their money" - Daily Express - 29/01/00
MP's act to halt bank's rip-off - More than 100 MP's back campaign -  Eddy Weatherill said "Every MP has been getting complaints for years. Now they are realising it is a massive national issue" - Daily Express 25/01/00
Taking the strain out of switching banks - "Cruickshank is asking to show how moving accounts can be speeded up. He doesn't want to see people who want to move their account stumble into more problems because it is too difficult".
Daily Express - 24/01/00
High Street rip-off merchants 'must be brought to account' - "Self regulation for banks has failed and simply acted as a screen for banks to boost profits" - Daily Express - 19/01/00
Savings rip-off costs charities £98m a year - Eddy Weatherill called the rates "criminal" and said "Financiers have a social duty to maximise returns for charity". - Daily Express - 17/01/00
Make accounts portable, says bank watchdog - "Banks have got away with murder for years by making things difficult to understand." - Daily Mail - 03/01/00
News 1999

Bank in battle over charges - "A Lobby group for small firms is stepping up the pressure on Lloyds TSB by bringing personal account holders into a £1 billion court action. The Independent Banking Advisory Service claims firms were overcharged when the bank replaced interest fees linked with base rates with monthly managed rates between 1988 and 1992."  Financial Mail on Sunday 26/12/99

Thrift Institution - Lloyds TSB Turns Profit on the Cheap - "How cheap is Sir Brian Pitman, the Chairman of Lloyds TSB Group ?" -  "Mr Weatherill has taken to gathering complaints from unhappy customers of Lloyds" - Wall Street Journal - Europe, USA and Asia editions 13/12/99
Credit card users 'are paying £2.5bn too much' - "Overcharging is rife particularly with major banks. We do not believe it is an accident..." Daily Mail 13/12/99
The thieves who cash in on our money - Dormant accounts 'disappear' as banks pocket missing millions. Express 07/12/99 - article written by IBAS Chief Executive Eddy Weatherill
Lloyds accused over business charges - A report to be submitted today to Gordon Brown Chancellor of the Exchequer will accuse Lloyds of increasing charges by switching to a new system of calculating interest rates. Financial Times - 03/11/99
Lloyds TSB faces overdraft rates row - "We are concerned about people who were switched to managed rates without knowing.." Sunday Times - 31/10/99
Eddy Weatherill - Personal View - "I find it difficult to understand how, in my experience, Lloyds TSB seems to create a wave of complaints in the business and commercial banking areas, when Midland Bank with a similar market share, appears to provoke barely a minor ripple." - Excerpt from article written by Eddy Weatherill in September issue of Moneyfacts.
£11bn Natwest link with L&G is good news for everyone-except customers and staff - "While the banks scramble to win new business, existing customers often get a raw deal". Daily Mirror - 7/9/99
Key factor for firm's cash flow - "Choose factoring if it suits your needs but don't let yourself be pressured into it." Daily Mail - 18/8/99
How banks hit you hard in the pocket - "The banks have inflicted 10 years of misery and overcharging on businesses. We are pressing for a windfall tax on their profits." Financial Mail on Sunday - 8/8/99
Banks under fire for huge rises in profits - "We would support a windfall tax on the banking industry. The whole market has been a morass of overcharging." The Times - 4/8/99
Business: Your Money Not a moving account  - BBC 22/07/99
Lloyds teller u-turn - Lloyds back down on closure plans  - IBAS hail it as a victory for the consumer.
Sun 16/7/99
Home loans rip - off fury - Eddy Weatherill calls for a windfall tax stating: "We must have a windfall tax. Hitting banks in the pocket is the only way to get their attention". Daily Mail - 13/7/99
The money grabbers - IBAS claim "Big banks are totally disregarding the needs of their customers".
Daily Mail - 12/7/99
Lloyds Accused on firms receivership - IBAS gains £25,000 payment offer for overcharge error.
Sunday Times - 20/6/99
The not - listening  bank "Big banks are continuing their relentless drive to automation and are totally disregarding the needs of the customer" - Daily Express - 18/6/99
Counter Attack - "Account holders being given poor service or no service at all" - Sun - 17/6/99
Banks get the grabby habit - £1.50 charge to use cashpoint - "It's bad news for consumers. The bank is cutting costs to rake in bigger profits" - Sun - 27/5/99
Cheques on to the scrapheap - 6,000 cut at Barclays hi-tec revolution - "10% is a large number of workers. There is already evidence queues are getting longer"
Sun - 21/5/99
How a bank roasted an oven maker - Eddy Weatherill offers useful points to help avoid problems
Money Mail - 28/4/99
Don't bank on Barclays for answers - "Banks are still too slow to acknowledge and deal with complaints"
Sunday Telegraph - 28/3/99
£4m bank robbery - Barclays boss pay-off - "Customers will be upset a pay-off was even considered"
Sun 23/3/99
New curbs demanded on 'trigger happy' receivers - IBAS said it has received a large number of complaints about fee-hungry investigating accountants. - Accountancy Age - 18/02/99
Bank profits anger - IBAS Chief Executive said "Day of reckoning for greedy banks was overdue. We would certainly support a windfall tax" - Daily Mail - 24/2/99
'Better deal' that cost a firm dear - unhealthy relationship between banks and receivers Money Mail - 24/2/99
Complaints about banks rising despite new code - Nearly a third of complaints concerned banks integrity, honesty and lack of transparency. - Sunday Express - 14/02/99
Insurance products and your bank - If you're thinking of buying insurance from your bank, do so with caution advises Eddy Weatherill. - WFH Feb-99
Banks stall complaints up to six years - High street banks deliberately stall complaints and slow up court proceedings in a bid to wear down customers. - Sunday Times 24/01/99 and Guardian - 30/01/99
Beware the on demand loan - Message to small business owners: Beware bank managers bearing loans. Money Mail - 20/01/99 and CEN - 08/01/99

News 1998

IBAS comment and information was included in the following news articles during 1998:-
10 Tips on Minding Your Own Business - Banks feature heavily in the lives of people running their own business. Sunday Times Money - 11.10.98
IBAS advises people on the options available to them. - Prosper Magazine- October 98
Mind your Own Business TSB - Small business have now got to cope with bank managers who don't know their facts. - The Guardian - 12.9.98  
Lloyds Bank Directors Open house for Customer Complaints - Bank directors could wake up to complaints! IBAS new web site lists home details of bank directors. - Daily Telegraph - 18/08/98
British Homebuyers Get Raw Deal - Time for the cosy relationship between British banks to be broken up through statutory regulation. - Sunday Times - 14.6.98
Ex - GP's Suicide 'Protest' Against Bank in Debt Row - Highlighting how Lloyds bank pushed doctor to suicide. IBAS negotiate positive settlement after all legal battles lost. - Daily Mail 12/02/98
Banks in Row After Farm Stock is Sold for £14,000 - IBAS fight to gain compensation for banks negligence. - Express Money 11.2.98
Landing The First Blows on Goliath - 2 page article on the work of IBAS. - Sunday Express - 16.11.97 

Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) National, independent, unique, experienced, specialist, non-profit, banking customer membership organization which investigates and resolves business banking disputes & has since 1992 campaigned on UK Banking issues - providing business banking editorial for BBC TV News, ITV News, Sky News, Radio and all national newspapers.


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