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IBAS has 30 years continuous business banking dispute investigations experience with all UK lenders and we


provide professional, confidential guidance and direct assistance to UK directors and proprietors.


IBAS only acts for UK Business Banking customers - we do not act for Banks


Confused by Internet searches? Bookmark this page* - IBAS is unique and very experienced in this area



IBAS has directly helped many UK Business banking customer with business banking account concerns, disputes, issues, problems and with business banking litigation but we have also assisted many Business Banking Customers to avoid the many banking pitfalls which can destroy businesses by providing them with proactive assistance and coaching.

Our coaching not only encourages the business owner/manager to protect their business but also supports those businesses by providing survival 'tactics' on a one to one basis where required.

From the extensive wide ranging business banking case work investigations we have carried out since 1992 we know many of the banking pitfalls for businesses. We also know what it takes to run a business and how lonely it can be.

Having IBAS on your side, watching your back, assisting, encouraging and providing you with our experience and our knowledge can be of great value for any business in protecting and in nurturing it.

We also know that it is much easier and much less costly to properly protect your business - rather than fight the bank later to attempt to get your money back - once the bank has taken it!


email us with any questions you may have on how IBAS can assist your business.


Amending or renewing Business Loan agreements comes with uncertainty and a requirement for you to know or find out exactly what those new agreements may mean longer term and whether there are 'hidden' costs - seek IBAS assistance before you sign into costly penalty arrangements which may look good at first glance.

now that LIBOR is being discontinued - Are you seeking to move your business loan borrowings?

or been approached by your bank to 'amend' your business loan agreements because they require changing?

The bank will want to sell the most profitable product for the Bank - they are not independent advisors for your business

Additional Security may also be part of the bank plan.


Require assistance understanding your choices on Fixed rate and floating rates - seeking to avoid costly penalties - do you really understand Bank Treasury products and Hedging?

Are you aware of the actual rates of interest now being charged on your business accounts or business loans - do you know if your interest rates are being charged as agreed?

Bank of England Historical Base Rates are an indicator of just how much 'margin' your bank is charging your business on overdraft or loan agreements. If you have provided good security for your business borrowings your interest rates should reflect that - do yours?


The most recent Bank of England Base Rate change was an increase up to 0.25%


How much above 0.25% is your business now paying?

If you have deposit accounts with your bank - how much is the Bank paying you for your money?





Why use Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS)?


Maybe, you just feel uneasy? Coronovirus has adversely affected many extremely profitable businesses. Pushing them into very challenging positions. IBAS experience has helped many businesses survive where they were under severe pressure from their bank.

IBAS cases together with many meetings with Bank Debt Recovery teams and also our litigation document discovery service for solicitors, showed us how much detailed information banks hold on their customers for the bankʼs use.

Later, when a business is struggling that information is also used by the Bank and also their Debt Recovery Team to pressure the business or seize assets.

IBAS has very experienced banking experts used to auditing bank documents, investigating bank statements and dispute claims and who have taught many businesses how to 'take back' their business and assets.


Would you prefer that you control your business future - or that the bank control it for you?






By 2002 IBAS had obtained in excess of £21 million in refunds, write-offs and write-down of bank debt from IBAS investigations of UK Business Banking Disputes.


BBC Testimonial for IBAS -Your Money Not a moving account


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IBAS has featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV News, Meridian TV and Sky TV News since 1992 and contributed banking editorials and business banking articles for the Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph and Daily Mirror.






Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) - IBAS launched in 1992 as a specialist unincorporated business banking membership organization assisting business bank customers with UK business banking account loan disputes and business banking debt disputes with their bank. Our analysis and investigation of business bank loans, business bank accounts, business banking contracts, business banking account facilities and business banking debt recovery information has been instrumental in our member's success.


Modified: 3rd January 2022