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SMEs Business Banking Dispute Complaints and Financial Ombudsman Service

Updated: 21st February 2024


If you are having a UK Business banking Dispute and the bank customer relations department is dealing with your complaint -

The Bank will expect their Bank Customer Relations Department to minimize your complaint and/or find a way to destroy it.

The Bank Customer Relations Department will have already requested your information and evidence of your dispute

You may have received The Bank Final Letter - which is written deliberately to show the FOS that your complaint is not justified

The Bank knows the FOS will take notice of their Final Letter as being accurate and legally correct


What can you do?


These editorials may assist UK business customers thinking of making a complaint to the FOS:


Cases submitted to the FOS which do not properly target the correct complaint/s are thrown out by the FOS or they find in favour of the bank because the bank has carefully prepared their response with the aid of their legal team.


Business banking customers making a business banking complaint to the FOS are distinctly at a disadvantage if they do not obtain advice on how their complaint should be focused.


But, IBAS aim is to resolve a Business Banking Debt Claims and also advise and protect the business customer's assets



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We have seen many business banking disputes and complaints which do not get past the first hurdle at the FOS because if there is a way to reject a business banking dispute claim the FOS will reject it - usually by following the Bank Final Letter content

It is then very difficult if not impossible to resurrect your complaint with the FOS.

It is then also very easy for the Bank to not do anything at all - because they rely on the FOS rejecting your complaint


Take the stress and personal animosity out of your banking dispute by showing us what you believe has happened and why you think the bank is wrong before you submit your complaint to the bank -

at that time your complaint can be reworked or rewritten and we do not charge to look at what you initially provide us.

If we suggest membership and then only if it is appropriate - we will tell you the cost but we will provide our initial input without any charge



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It is also important to know that the FOS will share your file information with the Bank

However, they will not share Bank information with you if it is deemed by the bank to be sensitive

That means the Bank obtains information quickly from the customer's complaint file which might destroy the customer claims and also possibly any legal defence to the claim if it is based on debt

- but bank information will be very well protected


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Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) - launched in 1992 as specialist UK Business Banking Dispute Resolution Experts assisting and advising UK Business Bank customers with UK business banking account overdraft, loan disputes and business banking debt disputes.