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Established in 1992

Mortgage Shortfall Debt Claims and Disputes

IBAS Mortgage Shortfall Debt Claims Unit (IBAS was founded in 1992) - has many years experience in handling and resolving mortgage shortfall debt liability claim cases after home repossession/s. Following a repossession the sale of the mortgaged property can mean that a mortgage shortfall liability is immediately created. It is then that the lender will issue a claim for the mortgage shortfall debt after repossession and request payment, sometimes many years later. IBAS has a very experienced team providing a unique, totally independent, low priced professional, experienced and confidential service.

Anyone receiving a mortgage shortfall debt claim now from a bank or lender because of a past home repossession needs to read the Daily Telegraph article Why none of us is safe very carefully:

The only access now to this article appears to be by copying the following into a google 'search' 3361197/Repossession-why-none-of-us-is-safe.html

The Daily Telegraph article demonstrates the lengths lenders will go to to obtain payment and what you should not do after receiving mortgage shortfall debt claims.

Please note: IBAS only accept email enquiries on Mortgage Shortfall Debt Claims which also provide us with full background information to enable us to assess whether your case can be assisted under IBAS under membership.

'Two liner' and request for 'call back' emails will not be answered. Our team is fully committed to our members - only those enquirers who are prepared to provide IBAS with full information on their 'case' will be responded to by email.

email us with your 'case' complete with full background information

IBAS is now in it's 25th year helping/guiding those with UK Business Banking disputes and Director's Personal Guarantee business debt claims - recent Testimonials (content produced unedited) can be accessed from the side bar.


“When there were many creditors still chasing me for debts after my home had been repossessed 5 years ago the last thing you want was another 50k mortgage short fall. When all options had ran out there was only one thing left to do which was to declare bankrupt .however, just before I commit myself I embarked upon IBAS website in my search engine. After reading some testimonies I was a bit sceptic at the beginning because I had tried Financial Ombudsman and got nowhere. But it was my last straw so I thought I’ll give it a go .As soon as I became a member things got on pretty quickly. They gave me all the questions and I reply with all the answers. My situation was that it’s highly unlikely I can repay this kind of debt in my life time. IBAS accessed my situation and told me what would be the likely outcome of my case. IBAS had negotiated a full and final settlement offer to the lender on my behalf successfully. It was the biggest relief I had since I got buried in this financial turmoil. I can’t thank Sara Cummings and her team in IBAS enough .Thanks guys and deeply appreciated all your helps. Mortgage Shortfall people out there please go and find out more.” - Mr C - November 2016

IBAS launched in 1992. IBAS is a specialist unincorporated business banking membership organization assisting those with business banking account disputes and business banking debt disputes by analyzing and investigating business bank accounts, banking contracts, business banking account facilities and banking debt recovery information. IBAS is the only UK non profit organization providing specialist business banking advice and specialist business banking case investigations. IBAS business banking dispute negotiating experience and proven strategy provides claims and defences for business bank customers. IBAS has excellent banking investigation reputation - IBAS has also featured on BBC TV, ITV, Meridian and Sky News and in Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Mirror editorials as listed in IBAS UK Banking News and Comment Archive.

The following pages show how others in fear from a mortgage debt have already obtained resolution:-   

 Mortgage Shortfall Testimonials

Mortgage shortfall claims case studies and testimonials

Mortgage shortfall debt resolved

Mortgage Shortfall Debt Claims Advice & Shortfall FAQ's

Mortgage Shortfall Debt Claims

The information in the pages below show why customer's responses and telephone calls to lenders are dangerous.

Mortgage Shortfall

Mortgage Shortfall Debt Claim Survey

The above information evidences how lenders pursue mortgage shortfall debts and also why 12 year old mortgage debts (and sometimes much older debts) are 'chased' by lenders in order to gain an admission of the debt and obtain payment once repossession and sale of the property has taken place. Lenders pursuit of payment or gaining an early 'admission of the debt' can be extremely 'vigorous' and may appear intimidating in their seeking payments from mortgage shortfall debt claims or shortfall demands for payment of a claimed mortgage shortfall debt.

Please note:

Lenders suggest DMP's (Debt Management Plans) because DMP's will obtain payment for the Lender on the full debt claimed.

DMP's do not investigate any debt claimed or negotiate it.

DMP's get 'success fees' and/or a percentage on debts paid.

Payments to DMP's from Lenders are made once they obtain payment - so debt recovery through DMP companies or 'charities' funds them very well.